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Dilli Neo Titan Hybrid - Flatbed & Roll to Roll

Neo Titan 1604DW
Boasts all the features of the other Neo Titan models plus has the following added advantages:

  • Adapts KONICA 1024 nozzles (Piezo DOD type with gray scale support
    and 12 PL) with white colour printing
  • Reduced ink consumption: 100–130m² per litre
  • Maximum speed – 27m²/hour (720dpi)
  • Continuous printing without ceasing
  • Diverse white printing function (see table below)
Mode Printing
White only Background
White + 4 colours Pre-white
4 Colours + white Post-white
4 Colours + white + 4 colours Combination pre and post
Spot (white = 5th colour) Backlit applicable


TCP (Turnkey Cutting-edge Printing) System
UV curing printer. Delivers superb quality at a sensible price.
Graphic flatbed and roll to roll capabilities.


  • Environment friendly and less odors
  • Cost effective performance and various functions
  • Applicable to various material. Weather-resistant
Dilli Neo Titan
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