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INCA Onset

The Inca Onset brings an exciting new wave of technology to UV flatbed printing with the launch of this printer. Designed and manufactured by Inca, the Onset offers the first real competition against traditional methods of printing.
The most impressive flatbed Inca has introduced to date, the Onset is capable of delivering a print throughput up to 600sq.m/hr (6458sq.ft/hr), equivalent to more than 125 full bed prints per hour and is designed to deliver where others fail. With an automated handling system, over 73,000 nozzles using 30 picolitre drops and the latest generation Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet ink, speed is the name of the game. This astonishing product has captivated everyone who has seen it with its mixture of speed and quality and of course its sheer size!
Offering CMYK print with operator selectable matt or gloss finish modes, ink tanks that can be refilled during printing, a vacuum table of 3.2 x 1.6m and a maximum print height of 15mm, Inca has listened to its customers and believes this machine meets their needs.

Print area: 3.2 x 1.52m / 126 x 60"
Print finish: Satin or gloss
Ink: Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet
Space required: 20 x 12m (including safety scanner zones)
Substrate thickness: 10mm with automation, 15mm in manual mode
Weight: Approximately 12 tonnes ie. 12000 kgs (26456lbs)
Factory air req: Compressed air at 6 bar
Power: 3 phase at 250A
RIP: Wasatch or ColorGATE
Speeds: Onset prints at a maximum throughput of 600 sq.m/hr / 6458 sq.ft/hr

INCA Onset
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