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INCA Onset S20

The Inca Onset S20 brings another innovation to the market, drawing on the features that set the Onset as the quality benchmark in the POP market.
Filling the gap between Inca's Turbo Plus and Onset printers, there are high expectations for the Onset S20 which incorporates many of Inca's standard features as well as new technology to ease operation for the user.
In addition to CMYK the S20 offers a choice of white, light cyan and light magenta as well as orange and violet to extend the gamut and hit difficult brand colours. The ability to select a variety of gloss levels at the operator console after the file has been RIPped also enables the user to match the requirements of the application and substrate.
With a full width print array, the Onset S20 boasts achievable production speeds of 250sq.m/hr (2690sq.ft/hr), 50 full bed sheets (3.14 x 1.6m), viewable at normal POP viewing distances and with substrates as thick as 50mm (approx 2 inches).
Added features which are unique to this Inca printer include variable levels of gloss, user printhead replacement and automatic print set up controls.

Print area: 3.14 x 1.6m / 123" x 63"
Print finish: Satin / gloss (varying levels of gloss available)
Ink: Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet (including white, lc, lm, orange and violet)
Space required: 7.2 x 13m (23.6 x 42.6ft) (including safety scanner zones)
Substrate thickness: Up to 50mm / 2 inches
Weight: Approximately 6000 kgs (13228lbs)
Factory air req: Compressed air at 6 bar
Power: 3 phase at 150A
RIP: Wasatch Softrip or ColorGATE Production Server 5 (Inca Edition)
Throughput speeds: 250sq.m/hr / 2690 sq.ft/hr

INCA Onset S20
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