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INCA Spyder 320-e

Spyder 320-e has all the design features of the Spyder 320 range but with half the number of printheads and a lower selling price.It is only available as a 4 colour CMYK ink set, but it can be easily upgraded at a customers site to the faster Spyder 320, or the more flexible ‘plus’ options with white or six-colour.
It is ideal for customers who want the benefits of a dedicated flatbed printer with a full bed vacuum table for accurate and efficient printing onto rigid materials. Its competitive pricing make it ideal where rigid print volume is not yet sufficient to fill a more productive Inca machine, yet still have the opportunity to grow in the future.

Print area: 3.2 x 1.6m / 126 x 63"
Print finish: Satin
Ink: Fujifilm Sericol Uvijet Inks
Space required: 6 x 7m / 20 x 23"
Substrate thickness: 30mm
Weight: 2500kgs / 5500lbs
Factory air req: Compressed air at 6 bar
Power: 220-240v single phase
RIP: Wasatch or ColorGATE

INCA Spyder 320-e
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