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Heat Transfer Papers and Films

NSDS carries a range of transfer papers. Guidelines for transfer application are as follows :

Transfer Printing Guidelines
  1. Run Transfer Paper through the curing tunnel at 100 – 120°C,  to flash off any moisture that might have been absorbed into the paper.
  2. Print colours first, through EX35T to EX71T mesh (depending on the required ink deposit).
  3. Print solid White backing through EX35T to EX43T mesh if the transfer is going onto a dark background. No white needed if transfer is going onto a white background.
  4. Print Transfer adhesive as a solid last, through EX35T mesh.
  5. Gel the ink between each colour at ± 100 – 120°C
  6. Gel the Transfer Adhesive at ±100 – 120°C
  7. Transfer ink onto garment at 3 bar 180°C for 15 seconds.

Only peel backing paper off once it’s cooled down or unless specific products recommend otherwise Store completed transfers free from moisture and dust by sealing them in suitable polythene bags. To avoid print damage do not crease the transfers or stack the prints face to face.

NB It is recommended that all materials are pre-tested for all the key properties as it is the responsibility of the end-user to determine the suitability of any products prior to production.

Plastisol Transfer Paper
Standard cold peel transfer paper for plastisol transfer printing.

Fabrical Transfer Paper
Premium grade paper which reduces paper curl and delivers high production rates with ease. Fabrical L is capable of being used both warm and cold peel. The release is easier when the paper is peeled away warm. Avoid applying onto damp fabric to prevent poor adhesion of the transfer to the decorated garment and potential blistering issues.

Glitcote Tansfer Paper
Glitcote provides the solution for Gloss and Glitter plastisol transfers. The paper comes in sheets of 50 X 70cm and is cast coated one side grade with a special release coating on the surface of the glossy side. This coating helps to stabilise the paper and keeps it flat during the printing and curing processes.

Reflective Polyester Transfer Film Clear and Silver
NSDS stocks clear and silver reflective transfer films for use with plastisol inks. The clear film gives the effect of reflecting the inks original colour, while the opaque silver reflective film will provide a solid silver reflective layer. The films both come in sheets of 50 X 70cm.

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