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NSDS Torrid Flash Cure Units
Complimenting the print carousel are the Torrid flash units, which combine instant IR heat with active air flow. The benefit of the Torrid flash is two-fold. Firstly, solvent based inks on ABS, Vinyl, Correx and other substrates can be flashed in seconds, allowing multi coloured prints not before possible without racking and air drying. Secondly, as the unit works on IR lamps, it is ONLY ON when flashing, saving massively on energy costs, and also not causing excessive heat in the vicinity of printing as is the case with regular more conventional “always on” flash units. Another huge advantage of the Torrid flash is the optional sensor attachment. This means that the unit can be used with automated printing equipment as the flash will turn on automatically when the pallet arrives. This gives great flexibility at minimal cost.

All HIX dryers feature the new sleek low profile design and side mount control panel features includes an analog variable belt speed controller, thermostat controlled temperature, digital heat controller, and a variable air speed controller. Double-wall insulation on top and sidewalls utilizes a 5cm thick high temp ceramic insulation for optimum energy efficiency. In the wide range of tunnel dryers available, there is one to suit every need. Please have a look at the following link: http://www.hixcorp.com/npii to see the full range of HIX tunnel dryers, or contact us if you would like a representative to discuss your specific needs with you.


heat flow

Black Flash Dryer
(pic on right)
The Black Flash Dryer is the industry standard dryer for flash curing inks on textiles and other substrates. This is the most efficient and reliable dryer available today. The dryers come in a variety of different sizes, strengths and accessories.

  • Consistent heat radiation over the entire element surface ensures every print is properly flashed or cured.
  • Unique levelling mechanism – control the the angle of the dryer so it will always be perfectly level with every platen or surface.
  • Rotates 360°C.


Drying Cabinet
(pic on right)
This sturdy and durable screen dryer filters heated air at a rate of 100 cfm with a unique air knife system that provides even air to every screen. This is of great benefit in decreasing screen prep time by cutting down on pin holes created by dust. The unique angle rack system eliminates movable parts, and is capable of holding eight screens level at any size up to 26" x 32".


UV Dryers
(pic on right – of machine)

Natgraph UV dryers are widely acknowledged as the coolest running and most efficient available. These dryers have been designed for curing UV surface coatings applied to promotional, electronic, credit card, glass, display and telecommunications products, as well as 3D objects etc. If there is a UV curable ink available for an application, Natgraph will have a solution.

 There is also a range of Compact UV Dryers for applications where space is restricted and less temperature sensitive substrates are to be processed. This range utilises the Natgraph 1m UV Module to provide a high specification in the minimum of floorspace.

Natgraph Logo


Black Flash Dryer
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