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Nano-PrinTex - print easy

All electrical-mechanical - automatic screen printing

The nano-prinTex — print easy™ revolutionizes the textile/garment screen printing industry by developing the world's first all electrical-mechanical line of automatic
textile printers.

We understand the importance of repeatable accuracy, quality and optimal performance requirements in order to remain competitive in today's formidable

The nano-prinTex has been meticulously designed to make the printing operation simplified, fast and extremely easy to operate.

Nano-PrinTex features

  •  most cost-effective machine on the market
  •  no complicated hydraulic system
  •  no pneumatics, no compressor
  •  print-easy - from beginners to professionals
  •  larger frames for better registration
  •  independent speed controller for exact squeegee and flood bar travel
  •  smooth motorized print head movement
  •  built for durability and reliability
  •  pallets always stop mechanically in the same position under each print head

simplicity is the gateway to productivity

PrinTex Screen The nano-prinTex touch screen control
panel is kept simple to let the operator follow
easy steps with clear legible icons for easier
non-language comprehension so nothing is
overlooked or compromised.

Technical data

Print heads 4 - 12 colours
Pallets 8 - 14 pallets
Max pallet size 737 x 1219 mm
Max frame size 813 x 1321 mm
Roller frame compatible yes - maximum diameter 38mm
Total machine height 185 - 205 cm
Machine diameter 4 - 6.4 m

width - 98cm; height - 55cm; length - 127cm

Weight 1250 - 3967 kg


DTG Mseries
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large format printing

Nano-PrinTex manual mode

Screen frame registration device for
accurate and quick press setup

Squeegee holder, flood bar, pallet mounting assembly and print head are made from
high quality light weight aluminum

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