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State Of The Art Manual Printing Carousels

NSDS now offer a range of state of the art micro register screen printing equipment, which allow the smaller printer to create high quality perfectly registered screen prints for a fraction of the cost of an automated machine. The X-Print machines come with X,Y and Z registration for exacting accuracy, and what’s more, adjustment is completely tool less!
Set-up features include adjustable off-contact, adjustable screen angle and

Equipment starts off from a simple one colour machine, and the range extends to cover all specifications and combinations that the printer may need. Also available is the 4 Colour 1 Station table top mounted machine, where extra colours are needed without critical registration. This unit retails at well under R20,000 which makes it a steal on a 4 colour carousel.


For a specific quotation please contact us.

XPrint 6C6S Carousel2

XPrint 6C6S Carousel3

XPrint 6C6S Head

XPrint 6C6S Reg point

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