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White Ink Management SystemPrint onto Polyeter with DTG Inks

With the patent pending White Ink Management System, head clogging and maintenance downtime is reduced considerably.

The DTG-WIMS is the final answer to white ink prints. By re-circulation of ink via a pressurized peristaltic pump system coupled with pressure release filters and dampers
your white ink is ready to print when you are. We have reduced the maintenance and downtime currently seen in the industry and the M-Series are the best all-round
white ink print system in the world market today.

White Ink Manage System


White Ink System
WIMS logo

"Don't be fooled – cartridges are there only to lock out consumables.
So called "closed loop systems" sound great but add little if anything to ink stability – it's simple 1st grade science – you can not syphon fluid without pressure, nor can you move ink from
a cartridge or a bag without air in the system – it's how you manage the air in the inks and the subsequent settling which makes the difference. If you have to shake something to make
it work? You really need to re-look
at WIMS technology"

Moishin Tiwana - Chemical Engineer

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